Horse Farm


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Horse Farm


 Sitting on 65 acres of rural farmland in Roswell, Georgia, this home exudes a timeless spirit that pays homage to the land surrounding it. 

Architectural materials were carefully selected to suggest that the structures had always been there, while the highest level of craftsmanship assures that it will continue to age gracefully for generations to come. 

The interiors are no exception, with river recovered sinker cypress cladding the Family Room, Sunroom and Kitchen, vintage oak paneling surrounding the Great Room, reclaimed French limestone flooring that is centuries old in the Foyer and Limonaia, and lime plaster walls throughout that cast an ethereal glow at peak times of the day. All of these materials come together to capture a sense of history without an overwhelming pretense and accommodates a livable lifestyle for a busy family that loves the outdoors. 


 Hazel Gray Architects 


 The Berndsen Co.


Emily Followill


Eleanor Roper